This all natural oil is infused with herbs and can be used as a hot oil treatment or a daily scalp conditioner. Oils are essential to healthy hair follicles and preventing hair loss. 
Directions: Apply to scalp paying close attention to thinning areas and edges. 
Ingredients: Black Castor oil, horsetail root, chebe powder, mustard seed oil, grapeseed oil, fenugreek extract, virgin olive oil, tea tree oil, sweet almond oil, black licorice root, and all natural fragrance. 
Shelf Life= 1 year
Due to the delicate nature and shelf-life  of our natural skin and hair care products, this item is not returnable.
4 fl. oz.

Please note that many of our products contain nut/seed oils. We want to keep all of our customers safe and healthy. If you have a soy, nut, or gluten allergy it is not advised that you use or handle our products.
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Tress Tonic Hair Growth Oil